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"...and that's why the tomb was sealed for a thousand years--though it was opened in 1929--because of the prophecy made by the Pharoh. The outer hieroglyphs wore off over time, but our main source for this information was in the main entrance to the tomb. Of course, there were a number of failsafes between the main entrance and the major part of the tomb.

"The rumours over the years have managed to prevent a number of tombrobbings; the remains of a cartouche were found buried outside of the tomb. The hieroglyphs were mostly gone, but from what we were able to gather it served as a sort of warning for those who would try to enter--like a 'do not tresspass, dogs on property sign,'" Daniel said, smiling weakly. The audience rustled a little bit, and he sighed and continued on.

"The photos we took are in the gallery down the hall; the other people on the expedition, with the exception of the military force, will be available for questions during the refreshment period. Thanks for coming."

Daniel clutched his sheaf of papers, wanting to pound his head against the podium. He hated these things, but there had been more questions than normal as to his academic wherabouts, so Hammond had suggested that he make an appearance at one of the upcoming conferences. The "appearance" turned into a question-and-answer period regarding one of the excavations SG1 had been present at, which turned into a panel discussion on recent southern Egyptian excavations, which turned into a lecture on the tomb of Mokantephaman. He'd had two weeks to prepare. He was a little frazzled.

Though, this was really better than that one particular lecture that would forever stick in his brain. For one thing, there was better food. And his crowd didn't seem too bored. He'd gotten a couple of intelligent questions, and the audience was a healthy size--at least sixty-five people.

He wondered if there was coffee at the reception. He decided to go see, shoving his papers into his briefcase and gathering his things, when there was a quiet cough behind him. He turned around to see a man with an inquisitive look on his face.
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